11 Free Homeschool Curriculum

So you want to homeschool your children and the first thing you do is look for a curriculum. $300 - $500. You are thinking how can I possibly afford to homeschool when I cannot even afford to purchase a curriculum? Well, look no further because I have put together a list of eleven free curricula I have found on the internet. Now there are more than eleven. However, these were the curriculum I could find that was not just a single subject for free but a complete curriculum.

Easy Peasy All-In-One Homeschcool

This is probably the most popular free homeschool curriculum I found. For good reason too. It is a complete online free curriculum. This one is Christian based, so it is perfect for religious homeschool families. It is also mainly online, which is great for people with an internet connection that want to save money on ink and paper. There are some printables, but mostly online work. This homeschool curriculum has work for children from preschool to twelve grade. It really is an all-in-one homeschool curriculum for the whole family.

The Good and The Beautiful

This one is also pretty popular, however, many people do not know that they offer a free curriculum. They have free kindergarten through eighth-grade language and kindergarten through sixth-grade math as well as some science. This is a Christian based curriculum as well. It is a super easy open-and-go style that makes homeschooling lessons fast and efficient.

Ambleside Online

Ambleside online is a free charlotte mason style curriculum. This one starts in first grade and you will need to supplement with math and foreign language. The website is slightly confusing at first but you get used to it. This is a Christian-based curriculum and on their website, they claim that the years only loosely correlate with grades, and a child may graduate at year eight and still have the equivalent of a public high school diploma.

Khan Achademy

Khan academy is really cool. I actually used this website when I was in high school for my math homework and it was insanely helpful. They also have a wonderful app that I have on my kids' tablets that has lots of fun educational games. It is secular based so it is perfect for secular homeschoolers or homeschool families that want to add their own religious curriculum. I will most likely be using this for my girls when they get to a level of math I am no longer able to help with.

Old-Fashioned Education

This is a great curriculum if you also want to save on books. Most curricula, even free, require you to purchase books or find them at the library. This curriculum uses mostly public-domain books. This means that their books can all be found online for free. This one is also a Christian-based curriculum and it goes from kindergarten to twelfth grade.

Minature Masterminds

This curriculum only goes from preschool to second grade right now, but on their Facebook page, they have said they are working on a fourth and fifth-grade curriculum to add. It is a Christian-based curriculum however the website says most of their assignments can be used in a secular setting. They have tons of fun printables and various themed units for kids.

Oak National Achademy

Oak National Academy is honestly one of the coolest online curriculums I have found. You can use the lessons they have or you can use the step-by-step guide to create your very own curriculum. You can make this secular or religious. It can be anything you want.

Core Knowledge

Core knowledge is a wonderful resource for secular homeschoolers. It has downloadable content for preschool to eighth grade.

Plain Not So Plain

Plain and Not So Plain is a free curriculum that offers mainly English and math. It goes from first grade to ninth grade. This is a Christian-based curriculum. Something really cool about this curriculum is they offer left-hand spelling assignments.

Under The Home

Under the Home is a Charlotte Mason-inspired secular curriculum. They offer a complete free curriculum for kindergarten through fith grade. Each lesson has a lesson guide and question reviews at the end. The lessons are completely online. Everything is straight forward and the website is very easy to navigate.

Mater Amabilis

Mater Amabilis is the last curriculum on my list. This is a free charlotte Mason-inspired Catholic curriculum. Something really interesting about this curriculum is that it has a different section for both American and Uk studies. It goes in levels instead of grades. It ends at level six which is equivalent to high school in this curriculum.

Well, here it is! A list of all the full free curriculums I could find online. I hope this helps some of you make that leap.

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