5 of My Favorite DIY Pinterest Valentines Day Gift Ideas (that you can actually do)

Everyone has seen those perfect Pinterest DIYs and thought "I can do that" just for it to turn out looking nothing like you thought it would. It is always so frustrating to see those posts and be let down by your own artistic skills. I have compiled a list of five different inexpensive valentines day DIY gifts so you can have your very own Pinterest-worthy gifts!

For that special someone:

This is an awesome easy DIY from thehappierhomemaker.com This pin could not be easier and cute! This gift is perfect for the chocolate lover in your life.

To do with the kids:

This craft by gluedtomycraftsblog.com I a super simple and fun craft to do with your kids. pin

For a group:

This awsome craft by weepingwillowdigitals.com You can find it on Pinterest here

For the teachers

This awesome idea by eighteen25.com will make your children's teachers laugh (and is actually useful). You can find it on Pinterest here

For your friends

These awesome free printables by mailchi.mp You can find the pin here

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