Alva baby: NB and One size pocket review

Alva baby is probably one of the most well-known and popular brands of cloth diapers. It has a variety of colors to chose from and some prints as well.

The website is slightly hard to use. I prefer to purchase them off of amazon just because it is easier. The first time I purchased off of their website it seemed a little sketchy but everything worked out.

On the website, you have options of different packages of diapers and single diapers. They have many different types including covers, pockets, and larger sizes. They also sell different types of inserts as well.

The diapers when sent are packaged pretty well. They do however come in individually wrapped plastic for each diaper. It seems like a waste of plastic to me.

Newborn size

The newborn size diapers fit my baby right out of the hospital. She was seven pounds and they still fit her now at almost three months and ten pounds. It seems like they will fit her for a little bit longer as well.

I purchased both the Alva baby microfiber insert and the Alva baby bamboo insert in newborn size. I find that either of these alone is not enough. I have to double stuff all of the diapers or she does pee through them in a very short amount of time.

Other than that the diapers are great and as long as I stuff them appropriately for my baby she will be okay for about three hours.

One size

I have only rarely used the one-size Alva baby diapers on my newborn with the newborn hack. I much prefer the newborn size to the newborn hack. However, I did use the one-size diapers on my toddler up until she was fully potty trained and they were my favorite diapers out of my stash.

My daughter enjoyed all the prints and asked for some specifically sometimes. They fit her up to being about twenty-five pounds. She still had room to grow as well.

I had purchased some microfiber inserts to go with the one-size pocket diapers but I hated it. So instead I use the wegreeco bamboo inserts with them instead and it works great!

All in all both diapers are very good for the price. I would suggest different inserts to go with them to make the diapers function better. But, the Alva baby diapers are really good for people who do not want to spend too much bulking up their cloth diaper stash.

Because they are so popular, I found Alva baby diapers at the thrift store the most. So I would advise checking there first before you buy any new. That way you will spend a fraction of the price and you can test it out before you invest.

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