Conspiracy time: Bob Lazar

Ever since I have understood the concept of aliens and the vastness of space I have believed there is another intelligent life out there. It is just the most logical conclusion in my brain. Since then I have been very interested in alien stories. Unfortunately, I think most of the stories are a bunch of bolognas. However, there is one that has always caught my attention and one that I have a hard time dismissing. It is the claim of Bob Lazar.

Bob Lazar claims that he worked for area 51 specifically S4 and was given the task to reverse engineer an alien spaceship. Now I know this sounds rather bonkers. But let me explain why I believe Bob Lazar has one of the most credible alien stories to date.

The first time that Bob Lazar ever spoke about what he claims happened in Area 51 was in 1989 when the CIA did not publicly announce its existence until 2012. Now Lazar claims to have worked for S-4 which he says is about fifteen miles south of area 51. He was previously working for Los Alamos National Lab located in New Mexico, which is an interesting story. He claims to have worked on nuclear weapon development. However, the Lab claims Bob Lazar has never worked for them. But, an old newspaper article was found that spoke about Bob Lazar working at Los Alamos National Lab as a Physicist. The article is about Lazar putting a Jet engine into his Honda. It appears as though someone is lying. Is it the newspaper article from 1982 or the government? Keep in mind, that the newspaper article was written years before he went public with his claims or even started working for area 51, and the government denying his workings at Los Alamos came after he went public with his claims.

After Lazar moved from New Mexico to Las Vegas he wanted to get back into the scientific field, so he did what anyone would do and sent our resumes. One was sent to Edward Teller, who is known as the father of the hydrogen bomb. Now, Lazar claims to have met Teller when he gave a lecture at Los Alamos. Teller remembered Lazar and gave him someone to contact at the company EG&G. He eventually gets a letter from EG&G and goes to a couple of interviews for what they say is an advanced propulsion program.

Once Lazar got the job he was flown out to Area 51. He claims to have seen a "flying saucer" in the hanger of S-4. The flying saucer had an American flag on it and he believed at that time that this saucer was the reason there were so many flying saucer sightings. He thought it was hilarious. The government made a flying saucer and everyone thinks it was alien. He claims to have touched the aircraft and immediately been reprimanded for it, which he thought was weird.

Later on, Bob Lazar is introduced to his lab partner Barry. Now Lazar only found out later that he believes he was hired on is because there was an "accident" and Barry lost his previous lab partner by attempting to use a plasma cutter to cut into an operating reactor. His project with his lab partner, Barry, was to reverse engineer some of the sub-components of the aircraft, a small reactor about the size and shape of half of a basketball. He claims what he was presented with was technology that did not even exist. Lazar says that when this reactor was turned on it created its own gravitational field. It was gravity shifted 180 degrees or anti-gravity. Recently, I mean September of 2020 recent, scientists were able to demonstrate Anti-gravity. Keep in mind Lazar went public with his claims in the late 1980s. It was not until 1996 that a Russian scientist claimed you could mess with the laws of gravity and thus create anti-gravity. His paper was withdrawn and he was removed from the university for writing that paper. Lazar claims that when he tried to touch the reactor his hands were repulsed similar to trying to connect two south poles of a magnet. He claims that the reactor had no electrical connections and was turned on by sensing an electrical load. Now, something interesting to note about the craft is that it was always room temperature. Which is impossible. When something is using energy to power on, some energy is turned into heat. Think of your phone. It will get hot if you use it too long.

Lazar claims that the spacecraft was compartmentalized. Not one group knew what other parts of this aircraft were capable of. He was given a one to two-page paper about the aircraft and the gist of what they believed it was. He claims that it would be common practice for the briefing to contain falsities that were different based on which department you were working in. That way they would know which department any information leak came from. The paperwork claimed that the craft was from the Zeta Reticuli star system specifically zr3. Which is the third planet in a star system about 39 light-years away. He does not necessarily believe that this craft came from that star system. However, he does claim that that was what was mentioned in the paperwork pertaining to the craft. (What is interesting about this is that this is the star system Betty and Barney Hill claim to be abducted into.) Lazar is not sure exactly where they came from or how long they have been in the government's possession, however, he is under the impression one of them is from an archeological dig. That means, if true, it's ancient.

Lazar says that his excitement for the job shortly turned into dread as he compared it to dropping off a nuclear reactor in victorian times. He also equates the knowledge of how the machine worked to someone leaving a motorcycle in the horse and buggy days. Someone will eventually turn the key and figure out that the key is what starts to motorcycle. But they won't necessarily understand how it works.

So what did Bob Lazar find out about the reactor during the six months he was there? He believes the base of the reactor is a cyclotron which is basically a circular particle accelerator. He also claimed that the fuel was something called element 115. Now let me remind you that Bob Lazar went public with his claims, including element 115, in the late 1980s. Element 115 was first "created" in a Russian lab in 2003 and was not added to the periodic table of elements until 2013.

Bob Lazar even claims he was able to look inside the craft. Everything in the craft seemed to be fused together perfectly he equates it to set wax. Nothing had a right angle. Bob Lazar is 5'10" and he claims that the craft seemed to be designed for something half of his height. He claims this craft is three levels. on the main level, there is nothing inside this craft other than small seats, the reactor he was working on, and subcomponents. Three seats were situated in a circle around the reactor, equal distance apart as well as rectangular objects equal distance apart surrounding the chairs (gravity amplifiers). There were also archways that would be able to turn transparent. Below is the bottom level which had three gravity emitters that looked like large cylinders hanging on a pipe. He believes the top layer was a computer or a navigation system. He claims the spacecraft was around 52 feet in diameter. Lazar said that the government had 9 different spacecraft all of different shapes and sizes. One of them appeared damaged like something was shot through it.

Lazar not only claims to have worked on an alien spacecraft and been inside an alien spacecraft but he also claims he witnessed the government actually operating the spacecraft and flying it. He says that when he went outside he saw the spacecraft ready to take off and noted that the person on the ground had contact with someone in the spacecraft. Lazar says that they were communicating with the person inside the craft on a regular VHF radio. Lazar believed that based on the studies he had done to date on the craft that the radiofrequency should not be able to penetrate the craft, it should bend around it because of the gravitational distortion surrounding the craft. He claims that standing under the craft, because of the gravitational distortion, it bends light and you cannot see the craft. He describes take-off as a slight hissing noise and a blueish glow. As soon as the craft was slightly elevated from the ground the hissing and the glow vanished.

So why did Bob Lazar go public? It starts with his wife's affair. Now according to Lazar when you are working at a top-secret site such as area 51 they have you agree to your calls being monitored. This included his wife. Well, his wife started to have an affair and they were unsure of how Lazar would react to this so they started having men follow him around. He started to freak out, rightfully so. So he got his friends together, knowing when they would do another test flight, took them out there to a safe distance, and showed them the alien spacecraft he had been working on. The third time they went out, he was caught.

After he was caught Lazar claims to have been taken to Indian Springs Airforce Base for a "debriefing." There he read the transcripts of his wife's call to the person that she was having an affair with. They let him go that day and he was scared. Not only did he find out that his wife had been having an affair, and he was in trouble, but he also was being monitored 24/7. So he did what he felt was self-preservation and reached out to a local reporter. He felt it was necessary to tell his story so that people would know in case the government was going to try to "take care of him." Since Bob Lazar went public with this information he claims to be targeted in multiple ways. His family was all continuously audited by the IRS, and anyone he knew with top-secret clearance had it revoked. The government created an issue for everyone that was close to him.

Is Bob Lazar telling the truth? I am not sure. It is however an interesting idea to think about. Does the government-run secret tests? Yes just look at MK Ultra, not a conspiracy theory anymore! We know that the government has done mind control experiments, that have been successful, so maybe they have various alien spacecraft in their possession that they are attempting to reverse maybe an engineer. Or maybe Bob Lazar is a big fat liar.

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