Conspiracy Time: MK Ultra

Now I should start this out by saying this is not a conspiracy. This is something that happened. The government has admitted to it happening. However, they have destroyed most of the documentation associated with this government program. This was a program that the government ran to do tests on unwilling/unknowing subjects with psychedelics, hypnosis, sleep, and many more. In the freedom of information act request, the CIA describes Mk Ultra as a program that consisted of "unsuspecting people were used in mind-control experiments that left them emotionally crippled for life." It is important to note that this is a real government project. This is important because many people still believe it is a conspiracy theory and when you research it there is so much misinformation.

I know that sounds kinda crazy, and chances are you have seen some video of celebrities acting weird and people claiming that it is MK Ultra. Because of the lack of information about MK Ultra, there are a lot of conspiracy theories surrounding it. I will just be discussing facts, why I believe the outcome of these experiments is far more successful than we have been led to believe, and why I think a form of these experiments is still happening today.

Mk Ultra was a government program in which testing was done from 1953 to 1964, run by CIA chemist Dr. Sydney Gotlieb. It was started in response to rumors about the Russians possessing the ability to use mind control or brainwashing. The program included eighty institutions forty-four colleges and/or universities, fifteen pharmaceutical companies, twelve hospitals, and three prisons. The government refuses to release the names of the companies that worked for them to not cause embarrassment. I think that as taxpayers and citizens we deserve to know the names of companies that assisted the government in illegal testing. A majority of the documentation was destroyed in 1973 by Dr. Gotlieb's secretary's orders, shortly before his retirement, and the information was made public in 1975. The senate claims that there is a lack of information not only due to the destruction but also due to the fact that there was a lack of record-keeping. Saying that the Attorney General often instructed people not to keep a record of planning and/or approval of programs. That seems very odd to me. I would assume there would be no need to not record these things unless it was something that you did not want others to know about. The only reason anyone found out about these tests, including the government, was due to a freedom of information act request.

A memorandum for the CIA director in 1963, has a portion where the person who wrote it expresses concern for public opinion if the contents of MK Ultra are released. The memo states that MK Ultra was a CIA project to study how to control human behavior. It was authorized in 1953 by the director of the CIA, Allen W. Dulles. It says that the testing on humans was to begin in a laboratory setting and then slowly move to more realistic simulations. (To them this meant testing on unknowing and unwilling subjects.) This memo also lists the different ways MK Ultra would be tested to control human behavior. These are radiation, electric shock, substances, military devices, and equipment.

Then this memorandum goes into what is missing from the documentation the government has found on Mk Ultra. There is a lack of documentation on where the substances they use are obtained, what researcher was in charge of the testing, when and where the testing began, what was the cost and progress, what are the capabilities, and what is continued research on the subject. The reason MK Ultra has so many conspiracy theories surrounding it is because of the lack of documentation about what actually happened.

In August of 1977, there was a paper written up for a hearing in the senate about Mk Ultra. This paper lists 149 different sub-projects within MK Ultra. I want to talk specifically about three of the subprojects. The first of these sub-projects is about research into the effects of behavioral drugs and/or alcohol. In this sub-project, there were seventeen tests most likely not including human subjects, fourteen involving human test volunteers, and nineteen most likely involving test volunteers however while "unknown" some volunteers may have been unwilling, and six involved unwilling subjects. The next subproject is about hypnosis. There were eight tests and two of them involved hypnosis and drugs. The last one was about sleep therapy and behavioral changes during psychotherapy this included nine tests.

There is very little known about these various tests because of how much paperwork was destroyed. There is one better-known subproject that the CIA did in regards to testing LSD on human behavior, it's called project operation midnight climax. Now this one is a little crazy. The government hired women of the night to lure in men and drug them. Bascially what would happen after a man expressed interest in an escort's services, the woman would show him to a specified CIA "safe house" and before they engaged in their agreed-upon acts the call girl would drug him with either LSD or cannabis. Now, what is a good science experiment without a scientist? So on the other side of a two-way mirror sat a CIA scientist and a tape recorder. What is the purpose of this? After the Lady of the night provided the agreed upon services for these men she would ask them questions. sometimes beforehand they were fed subliminal messages. The goal of this operation was to see if the U.S. government could somehow mind control these men with women and drugs into giving up their secrets.

Various other projects were done in regards to drugs that have little documentation. One was an attempt to see if they could poison food with drugs to cause anxiety, fear, confusion, earaches, headaches, and amnesia. The CIA also had inmates in federal prisons in Atlanta tested in various LSD experiments. Other tests were done on patients in sanitoriums with alcohol. Another drug experiment was done when a team of researchers went to Europe to meet with agents. This team of researchers felt that the European agent's loyalty was dubious. So of course they injected them with intravenous drugs and interrogated them for eleven days. Luckily they found out the agents were all good.

Dr. Ewen Cameron was an American psychiatrist who worked at the McGill university in Montreal, Canada. The FOIA shows that Dr. Cameron used his patients as guinea pigs without their knowledge. One patient he had with depression received a heavy dose of LSD. To be fair he was not very far off. While it is unethical to use your patients as test subjects without their knowledge, LSD has shown that it may actually be helpful in a psychiatry setting. It shows promise in treating alcholism, There is currently a clinical trial being done in switzerland for the treatment of depression with LSD, and there are a multitude of studies that show that psychadelics like LSD actually improve neural placitisty and help make new connections in your brain. But I digress, the Dr. gave this woman massive doses of LSD and she feels violated and upset, as she should. She did not even find out about what happened to her until she read the news in the paper after. This doctor did many horrible things to his patients all in the name of MK Ultra. He would drugg patients to sleep and call it "sleep therapy" and then have them participate in something called psychic driving which is the playing of tape recorded messages. He would inject them with various drugs like ones to paralyze, LSD, and lysergic acid. A patent went to him with sever leg pain that was thought to be caused by emotional distress. This patient was a victim of severe electric shock therapy, high doses of LSD, and seep therapy. Another patient was diagnosed with depression and she got electric shock therapy 67 times the recommended amount at that time and he did this to her daily.

Now everything I have written up until this point has been a fact. However due to the lack of documentation surrounding this topic there are a lot of conspiracies about MK Ultra. Some believe that the CIA is still conduction experiments on people, and that the program was actually a success and not a failure like they want us to believe.

Some people believe that MK Ultra has been closed just to be reopened under different code names. Some believe that there is a new program called project monarch. Cathy O'Brian os the main proponent of this theory. She claims that she has been forced by the CIA to participate in project monarch. Many people have discounted her claims saying they are baseless. I wonder if that is the same thing the people who believed they were victims of MK Ultra were told.

There are also many videos you can find online of people claiming that various celebrities are victims of Mk Ultra and being brainwashed by the government. Some of them seem a bit preposterous. However that is probable what somepeople said in the 50s when they were told the government is doing secret experiments on humans to figure out how to use mind control.

Do you think Mk Ultra was more successful than the government is letting on? Do you think the government is still running the same tests just under a different name?

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