Conspiracy Time: The Moon Landing Was Fake

An amazing day for America, the first man to land on the moon televised live for everyone to see, or was it? Many people think that the moon landing was a hoax. They believe that no human has ever landed on the moon. Now there are many different levels to conspiracy theories. Some believe that we have never landed on the moon, some believe we did but it was not live-streamed due to the aliens that live there. There are even some video clips of the astronauts in interviews some people believe prove that they have never gone to the moon.

The biggest question is why. Why would the United States Of America fake a moon landing? As someone not sharing their position on this conspiracy and attempting to stay as neutral as possible, it's pretty obvious. If the moon landing is fake the U.S. faked it in order to show superiority and beat the Russians. I can confidently say that was probably why they even wanted to go to the moon in the first place. They didn't put all the countries' flags on the moon (supposedly) They only put the U.S. flag. I am not saying is bad or good but it does show their intentions as a country being superior and not the human race reaching higher than they ever had before.

Bill Kaysing is thought to be the "originator" of the conspiracy theory that the moon landing was fake. He also believed all of the six moon landings between 1969 and 1972 were fake. He even wrote a book in 1976 called "We Never Went To The Moon." Kaysing claims that while he worked at Rocketdyne, a company that designs and makes rocket engines, he had access to documents from Project Mercury, Project Gemini, Project Atlas, and Apollo. His claims are that at the time of the space mission there was not sufficient technology to safely get the astronauts through atmospheric

radiation or to get the astronauts to return safely to earth. He also claims it is a hoax because of the absence of stars. He also makes some other claims that I am not able to find documentation for such as a dutch newspaper also questioning the authenticity of the moon landing. It seems others are not able to find it either since there are threads of people asking for it online to no avail. I am not saying it doesn't exist, I just have yet to find it. He also claims that it was the government's way of getting $30 billion. Which is about what NASA says the entire trip to the moon cost them.

(Photo 1: ‘A triumph of human consciousness in an otherwise mindless universe’ … Neil Armstrong’s double-horizon shot of Buzz Aldrin. Photograph: Nasa)

Smooth Finish

There are many photographs that some claim to prove that the moon landing was fake.

These are pictures many claims prove that it was a hoax because the surface of the moon under the engine nozzle seems unfazed. Almost like it was placed there and did not land. And again no stars.

Smooth Landing

Another inconsistency that conspiracy theorists point out is the ground around Apollo 11 is relatively undisturbed. I added a picture of the SpaceX rocket Starlink landing. As you can see it's pretty forceful. Now there is a big chance that the Apollo landed differently than modern rockets, however, they all require propulsion normally with fire.

Not a Star in the Sky

As you can see in these pictures there are no stars. If you look at the other pictures I have also added, you cannot see stars in the pictures. Now I thought maybe it was because they brought lights with them and there was so much light pollution that it drowned out the stars. But you would think at least one of the pictures would have stars. The stars are very bright. Even with light pollution here I can photograph them.

These are a few of the images that conspiracy theorists claim are proof that the moon landing was fake. What do you think? Do you think that the United States really did put a man on the moon? Or do you think that it was a hoax to raise money and fake superiority over other countries. Did the U.S. cheat at the space race or did they win it fair and square?

*All moon landing pictures have been taken from the NASA website.

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