How I made Cloth Wipes for Free

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If you are a parent you know that the price of diapers and wipes is going up like crazy. Not to mention how increasingly hard it is becoming to be able to find them in the store. Shortly after I started cloth diapering, sometime in the fall of 2021, I started making cloth wipes.

Cloth wipes have saved our butts (literally) a couple of times. I have gone to the store in search of regular wipes only to be left with little to none on the shelf, and what was there was incredibly overpriced. So I made my own.

It seemed like the logical next step seeing how I was already accidentally washing regular wipes and needing to pull them out of diapers before I put them into the laundry. Now using cloth wipes they just go in the same load as my diapers and I can just reuse them.

I made these wipes for pretty much free. I did purchase a few accessories to go with them but these are totally optional!

If you are a parent I bet you have a couple receiving blankets lying around that you may or may not use. I had many that were given to me by other parents trying to get rid of them. So I turned them into wipes.

I took each blanket and folded it and cut however many times I needed to get the perfect wipe shape. (My cutting skills are far from perfect and my wipes look a little wonky but they still wipe butts!) This next step is totally optional but I find it makes the wipes look a little better. I sewed two pieces together. I used the zig-zag stitch on my sewing machine and sewed it with one side of the stitch on the wipes and one side off the side. This gives it relatively the same look as a surger would. This will prevent your wipes from fraying. The strings can get really annoying.

After that, I made my solution.

The ingredients are:

1 1/2 cups of filtered or distilled water

1 tbsp of Castille soap

1 tbsp of avocado oil, you can also use coconut oil or olive oil.

I add all of this together and then pour it into a container. I have a wipes holder that I add my wipes to and every time I wash them I add more to the container and put some solution on the top. The soap is to make the wipes clean better and the oil is to make the wipes softer and help keep the baby's skin softer. I would suggest not letting the wipes sit in the solution for longer than a week.

These ingredients are totally optional though! All you need is water. I like to add extra ingredients because I feel like it gets whatever I am wiping up cleaner with fewer wipes. It also makes them a little softer. If you have a baby with sensitive skin I would skip the soap and just use the oil.

Using cloth wipes has saved me money and has kept harmful chemicals off of my baby's bottom. I read Labels for you has an awesome post about the hidden ingredients in baby wipes and what side effects they can cause to your baby. Not to mention one box of 1200 wipes costs almost $20. Now the savings for using cloth wipes is not the same as using cloth diapers, however that price will save you $20 on your children's necessities, and any savings to be able to use on anything else, especially in this economy, is worth it.

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