How I Met My Husband

It was a beautiful October day in Morgan Hill, CA and I just finished my mile and a half walk to my part-time job at Burger King. There was a new hire that day coming in as my shift ended. He was stuck directly in the drive-through. I felt bad for him, little did I know that the seventeen-year-old standing in front of me would one day be my husband and father to my three children. Days went by and I talked with him on and off and we grew closer and he asked me to "hang out" so we went to play pool, ate gelato, and saw a movie (the alien movie called the 5th wave)

After that, we became really good friends. He didn't want me walking home alone at 10 pm one and a half miles so he would walk with me, in the opposite direction of his house every day even on the days he didn't work. We started getting closer and closer.

Then I got pregnant. I was scared, he was scared. We hadn't known each other for very long and it was terrifying. We looked tirelessly for housing we could afford in the bay area. One room in a house was going for $1700 and we just couldn't do it. My Aunt and Uncle kindly opened their home to us in the Central Valley. Because of their generosity, we were able to get a one-bedroom apartment across the street from our jobs for $650! This was only five years ago. We moved in with some kitchen items, an air mattress, and a tv. We ate our food sitting on the floor and blew up our air mattress every night. I was so happy because it was ours.

It was a struggle to be young, figure out how to pay bills, cook, go grocery shopping and learn how to live with another human all at once. Luckily we got our apartment just in time because our beautiful daughter, Ezrah, was born just one month after we moved in. By then we had purchased a couch, a bed, and a kitchen table (which we found at the thrift store for $50 that we still use today.)

In that apartment we grew together, we grew closer and we got married. It was a cute small ceremony at the courthouse. Our family joined and I was eight months pregnant. Shortly before we moved into a two-bedroom I had my second daughter Ramona. I was so excited to have two rooms. We dealt with a lot in that apartment. Our marriage went through a really rough patch and we almost didn't make it out of there married.

But our love for each other was bigger than our issues. So we moved into the house we live in today. We worked on ourselves separately and together. We created a stronger healthier marriage than we ever had. We continue to better ourselves. We made some huge mistakes and forgiveness and trust was a really hard long road but we got through it. That's when we decided to have our third baby, Jonah.

That's where we are now. It's interesting to look back on my teenage self meeting someone who was going to be the father to my children and future husband. Remembering all our firsts. I wouldn't want it to be anyone else.

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