How to Make 12 Cloth Diapers for $2

For most not able to start cloth diapers, the start-up cost is the biggest factor. A single diaper ranges from five to twenty dollars. When you need about thirty of them that gets expensive. (I talk about how I found them inexpensive here.) There are things you can do to get them cheaper like buying flour sack towels from Walmart. That will run you about twenty-five dollars. However they are stiff and that is still twenty-five dollars, and you still need to purchase three to five covers which are about five to ten dollars each. However, I found a way to make twelve cloth diaper flats for two dollars.

you'll need:

1 king-sized bedsheet

1 pair of scissors

Measuring tape

The first thing that I did was go to a local thrift store. I would suggest not going to goodwill or salvation army those will run you a higher cost. Find a really good local thrift store in your area. The one I go to has 50% off coupons I can use at any time. Look for a king-sized top sheet. Any fabric will work, I would suggest something with natural fibers that have some stretch to it as opposed to synthetic stiff fibers. I found a blue cotton king-sized bed sheet for $4 but I used my coupon and paid $2.

After you bring home the bedsheet measure out how big you want your diapers to be. I made nb-sized diapers so I cut them to be 16x27. if you are making one size they should be about 27x27. I got 12 out of my bedsheet but I also cut it pretty poorly so I’m sure you can get more. The good thing about flats is they are pretty forgiving. As long as you cut them approximate to the measurements you need, they will work.

That's it! Pair it with some of your favorite covers. I love my green mountain diaper cloth-EEZ wrap (here). They are $10 each. five of them should be enough. If you find 1 more bed sheet and make another 12 diapers you will be set! all the diapers you need for $54 dollars. On my baby, to add extra absorbency and comfortability I added a stay-dry fleece liner and a bamboo insert inside my origami fold. But these are optional!

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