How to Survive with Two Kids and a Baby

Updated: Feb 2

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My baby is officially 2 weeks old! I feel as though my labor was both yesterday and months ago. settling in with a new baby has been challenging and exhausting. But I am taking in all the newborn snuggles as I can get.

My oldest, who is 4, loves the baby. She plays with her and asks to carry her around all the time. This is her second time being a big sister so she is a pro. My middle one however not so much. She is 2 and in all parts of life is slow to warm up. I was the most worried about her adjusting.

The first thing she said about the baby was that Gigi (my mom) should take her home. Since then she has made it clear that baby Jonah is not allowed to play with her lipstick. Which I have assured her she will not be. Other than that she does not like getting close to her saying that she is afraid the baby is going to hurt her.

However, we had a small breakthrough the other day. SHE POKED HER CHEEK. Which I know doesn’t seem like much but it’s a big step in the life of Ramona. So I have hope she will slowly warm up.

Other than siblings, sleep has been the next most challenging thing. My husband works full time, I am here all day taking care of three babies… with little sleep. Jonah is 2 weeks so she is still getting the hang of being a human. She wakes up 2-3 times a night to eat. She is exclusively breastfed so I am the only one to comfort and feed her. It’s been a challenge. With my last baby, I joked that with every kid I add a cup of coffee in the morning… well with my third that still seems to be true.

While I have been sleep-deprived and burnt out most days there are a few things that I have that I use every day and they help me keep my sanity just a little bit.

Having a baby-wearing device has been essential to my daily life. I have a lot to get done around the house. Being able to strap my baby to me, having her hands free. She gets better naps and I am able to do what I need to do without worrying about where she is.

This snuggle me organic looks so comfy and so heavenly. When I am not wearing her and she is being watched by either me or my husband, I lay her down in this bed. The sides hug the baby and she sleeps well in this.

This one is on the pricier side. We found ours at a thrift store where it was very generously gifted to us by my in-laws. It has been a lifesaver at night. There are so many different movement settings, when you find the right one your baby sleeps so much better than before. Jonah's favorite setting at the moment is the swing set on level 4. She sleeps so well and that means I get better sleep too.

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