Let's Talk About Bohemian Grove

*This is a content warning. Adult themes are discussed in this post. If you are a child or that makes you uncomfortable please do not read.

Have you ever heard of Bohemian Grove? If I told you there was a super secret camp in the middle of the forest where famous people and people with political power, on both sides of the aisle, gathered together to worship an owl statue and burn stick bundles that look like small child bodies would you tell me I am crazy? Well, sometimes reality is crazier than fiction. Because this is not a conspiracy theory, this is not just a story I found online. This is real, and best of all there is video evidence.

Bohemian Grove campground is a restricted 2,700-acre private property owned by the

bohemian club. Two journalists Daniell O'Connell and Nathaniel J Brittian started the club in 1872. They wanted to have a place they could go to enjoy the arts and put together "amateur" performances. Sounds innocent enough right? So I bet you are asking yourself what does this have to do with owl statues and burning effigies of children? Well, I am not there yet.

At first, it was a gentleman's club in 1872 that would rent out an area of land every year for their retreat, then they purchased it. Since then their club has grown and allowed in more men only. However, there was a lawsuit in 1978 that now requires them to hire female employees. There are a few female members. But I think (just my thought no proof or evidence) that those members are probably just to say "look we let girls in too."

Bohemian grove is an all-male club. So who exactly has attended the meetings at the bohemian grove and when? Well, the demographic is men, mostly caucasian and politically conservative. Some of the notable attendees are Clint Eastwood, Henry Kissinger, Walter Cronkite, Richard Nixon, Ronald Regan, Charles Swab, Ambrose Bierce, Bret Harte, Mark Twain, Jack London, Gorge H W Bush, Bill Clinton, and Herbert Hoover. It is also interesting to note that prominent members of the federal reserve are also members of Bohemian grove such as Alan Greenspan (former chair of the federal reserve). Of these members, Herbert Hoover seemed to be the most enthusiastic about the club even going as far as to invite not-yet-president Richard Nixon.

So if this is such a super-secret club how do we know what happens there? There have been a couple of infiltrators there, the most notable is Alex Jones. Now before you think anything, I know... I know. But hear me out he took a video. Another is a journalist named Phillip Weiss.

Alex jones took the footage he captured in the bohemian grove and made a movie called "Dark Secrets inside Bohemian Grove" it is available on youtube. Alex Jones is a conspiracy theory journalist that is set to expose the elites of the world. As he calls it the new world order. He claims he started hearing stories of politicians and wealthy individuals traveling to the middle of the forest and worshiping a giant owl statue, so he was obviously intrigued and wanted to learn if it was true. Jones was able to infiltrate the grove. He stayed for four hours out of the entire two-week retreat. Jones claims that people who would like to move up in political power are forced to attend and partake in the events and rituals held in the grove.

So what was actually on video in the bohemian grove? This is where I am going to put my content warning from the beginning. If you are a child or adult content makes you uncomfortable, turn back now. Watch the documentary for yourself here. . What we see in the beginning is a lot of trees and buildings that look like what a cabin at a normal camp would look like. As well as lots of men talking and drinking seem to just be having a good time. Jones says that not all the interactions were on camera and during their small tour they had security and the secret service approaching them to ask them who they were. They told them they were with the hilbillies. Within the camp, there were multiple sub-camps like the hilbillies, shoestring, Mandaly, etc. The hilbillies is the camp George H. W. Bush was in. Jones says that they believed them because of their texas accents.

He then walks through what looks like a dining hall. It is empty except for workers getting it ready for the next meal. Then the camera switches to a scene of an outdoor eating area. With tables set up with tablecloths and dishware. Then he walks down the way more and the camera pans to a giant sign that is black and has a skull on top.

It is difficult for me to make out what it says on this sign but with the help of my husband we think it says "Le Suis Larihe." Which is Latin for "Let them be Loud." Then there is a clip Jones shares of the side of the giant owl statue. He estimates it is about 45 feet tall. Jones calls the owl statue "Moloch" which is the pagan god of child sacrifice mentioned in Leviticus. However, when I see images of Moloch the pagan god is almost always

depicted as a bull-headed statue. So I am not sure that is the deity depicted by the owl. I believe that Jones equates the owl statue to Moloch because, during the Cremation of Care ceremony, which we will get to in a second, a bundle of sticks wrapped in a blanket in the shape of a child's body is burned. If you remember from before Molech was a pagan god talked about in Leviticus. "You shall not give any of your children to devote them by fire to Moloch, and so profane the name of your God” (Leviticus 18:21). You can read more about Moloch here. Below the owl is an altar. After Jones shows the owl effigy he continues on through the campground showing trees and buildings that look like normal cabins. Then he walks into a crowd of men. They are all mingling and drinking. So far besides the giant owl statue and weird signs in other languages, it just seems like a camp of dudes hanging out. After being asked by many different people, the sheriff, the secret service, and security to identify themselves, Alex Jones and his friend took themselves and their camera to a secluded point in the campground. He started filming the lake and shortly after he turned off the camera Jones said he was approached yet again by security who started questioning why he was filming. Jones said that there would have been no way for the security to see him or the camera unless they had hidden surveillance.

While walking back from the lookout point, he says he saw a room with lots of TVs and wires that seemed to disappear in the redwoods. Then it becomes night and Jones says they are now at something called the cremation of care ceremony. Before the ceremony, the entire group got together and had a feast.

The ceremony starts off with men in black and brown cloaks coming out of the woods with torches. The video is very dark, but Jones says in the back of a bugie is what appears to be a bound body. He does not know if it was an actual sacrifice, but he does say some believe it is. Jones says there were large black tarps hanging from the trees and the men in robes went behind them with the body-like figure for about ten minutes. Then the members gather around the owl and say "The owl is in his leafy temple. Let all within the grove be reverent before him. Lift up your heads, oh ye trees and be ye lifted up ye everlasting spires for behold! Here is Bohemia's shrine holy are the pillars of this house." Then a gong is hit and they say "weaving spiders come not here." Then the gong is struck again and more people in cloaks with torches walk in front of the owl statue. Then they say "With the ripple of waters, the song of birds, such music

as inspires the sinking soul. Do we invite you into midsummer's joy? The sky above is blue and sewn with stars. The forest floor is heaped with fragrant grit. The evening's cool kiss is yours. The campfire's glow. The birth of rosy-fingered dawn. Shake off your sorrows with the city's dust, and cast the winds the cares of life. But memories bring back the well-loved names of gallant friends who knew and loved this grove. Dear boon companions of long ago, Aye! let them join us in this ritual! And not a place be empty in our midst. All of our battles in this grey autumn of the world or in the springtime of your heart, attend our tale. Gather ye forest folk and cast your spell over these mortals. Touch their world blind eyes with carrion open their eyes to fancy. Follow the memories of yesterday and seal the gates of sorrow. It is a dream and yet, not all a dream. Dull care in all of his works harbored it. As vanished Babylon and goody tyre so shall they also vanish. But the wilding rose blows on the broken battlements of tyre and moss rends the stones of Babylon. For beauty is eternal, and we bow to beauty everlasting. For lasting happiness, we turn to one alone as she surrounds you now great nature. Refuge of the weary heart. And only found her breasts that had been bruised. She has cool hands for every fevered brow and deadless silence for the troubled soul. Her councils are most wise. She healeth well having such ministries as calm and sleep. She is ever faithful. Other friends may fail but seek ye her in any quiet place. Smiling, she will rise and give you her kiss. So must ye come as children. Little children that believe don't ever doubt her beauty or her faith nor deem her tenderness can change or die." Loud music starts playing. There is a man in front in a bright white robe. People are moving around. It is pretty hard to see what exactly they are doing. Then he starts talking again "Bohemians and priests the desperate call of heavy hearts is answered by the power of your fellowship Dull Care is slain!" Then the crowd starts cheering. "His body has been brought yonder to our funeral pyre to the joyous piping of a funeral march. Our funeral pyre awaits the corpse of care. Then the music starts playing and more people with torches approach the man in white. The camera then moves to a different area of a boatman with his face like a skull bringing a body across the water. Then he starts again "Oh thou, thus ferried across shadowy tide in all the ancient majesty of death, Dull Care, ardent enemy of beauty. Not for thee forgiveness or the restful grave. Fire shall have its will of thee! And all the winds make merry with thy dust. Bring fire!"

Fire is then brought out on the stage and it appears that the "body" is burned. Then you hear what I can only describe as a maniacal laugh. He continues "Fools!" Then there is a large flash of light Dull Care starts talking. "Fools! fools! when will ye learn? that me ye cannot slay. Year after year ye burns me in this grove. Lifting your puny shouts of triumph to the stars. When again ye turn your faces to the marketplace. Do ye not find me waiting, as of old. Fools! Fools! Fools to dream ye conquer care! Say thou mocking spirit. It is not all a dream. We know thou waiteth for us. When this out sylvan holiday has ended. We shall meet thee and fight thee as of old and some of us prevail against thee. And some thou shalt destroy. But this too, we know, year after year within this happy grove. Our fellowship bans thee for a space. Thine malevolence which would pursue us here has lost its power under these friendly trees. So shall we burn thee once again this night? And with the flames shall eat thine effigy. We shall read the sign. Midsummer sets us free! Ye shall burn me once again?" More maniacal laughter. "Not with these flames. Which hither ye have brought from regions where I reign. Ye fools and priests. I spit upon your fire." A firework or some kind of fire bomb comes from the sky and lands on stage and then there is a giant flash of light. The crowd then starts cheering.

Then he continues "Oh Ow! Prince of all mortal wisdom. Owl of bohemia we beseech thee. Grant us thine counsel." Then the singing starts "No fire, no fire, no fire unless it be kindled in the world where care is nourished on the hates of men. And drive him from this grove. One flame alone must light this fire. One flame alone must light this fire. A pure eternal flame. A pure eternal flame. At last within the lamp of fellowship. Upon the altar of Bohemia." End of strange opera singing portion. "Oh, great owl of bohemia. We thank thee for thine adoration. Be gone detested care! Be gone! Once more we banish thee. Be gone Dull Care! Fire shall have its will of thee. Be gone dull care! and all the winds make merry with thine dust. Hail fellowships eternal flame.

Once again midsummer sets us free." Everyone cheers again. There seems to be a fire lit on the stage area where the altar is. You can also hear screaming like someone is in pain. Then there are some fire things like pyrotechnics lining the lake. Then there are lots of fireworks. That is when the ceremony ends and everyone cheers.

This entire thing felt very play-like to me. Like a production. But the big question is, is the blanket full of sticks positioned to appear as a human child and be a mock human child sacrifice or is it an actual human child being sacrificed? The other question is why. Who said, "I think it would be fun to dress up in robes and pretend to sacrifice a child at summer camp." It is strange.

Regardless of everything, the elites of the world are coming together, and "pretending" to do a ceremony that ends in human child sacrifice is weird and concerning. Jones believes that the audience may not know exactly what is going on because various curious parts happen behind a veil. They may think this is just a weird play, or they may know it is a human sacrifice.

Jones speaks about a program handed out to attendees before the performance. In the picture

there is a body burning and appears to be screaming.

So what does Alex Jones think about Bohemian grove? In an interview on Joe Rogan's Podcast, he says that the grove was started by Mark Twain for gay liberals that like hookers. I cannot find any other information about Mark Twain in relation to bohemian grove besides him being an honorary member and never actually attending a gathering. I do not fully trust this, there is a huge possibility that he was a founder and did participate. Jones then says that after Howard Taft became president the republicans then bought the grove. I did find a source saying that the majority of attendees are politically conservative. William Howard Taft was the twenty-seventh president of the U.S. He became president in 1909. The bohemian club was purchased in 1899. So there may have been a change of hands Jones knows about. But I cannot find information on that.

Jones claims that the club members used gay sex to compromise the members and initiate them into the cult. I cannot find any proof of this. But let me remind you no one could find proof of Jeffery Epstein's weird pedo island until it became public. There was also a weird picture of Bill Clinton in a dress in Jeffery Epstein's home. So the fact that Bohemian grove may have been a weird human sacrifice gay sex cult is really not that much crazier than other things we have found out about.

When Rogan presses jones about how he knows about the gay hookups at bohemian grove Jones says it came out in news articles and during the day he did sneak into the grove he was propositioned by high-profile men. In the November 1989 issue of Spy magazine a reporter, Phillip Weiss, talks about his experience in the grove from talking about how nudity was common there to Regan making a weird gay sex joke he said “Today AIDS has put a damper on the Grove’s River Road pickup scene, which Herb Caen used to write about in his San Francisco Chronicle gossip column. Just the same, a man on his own often gets invited back to camps by gay Bohemians.” He also talks about having the same experience as Jones and was often propositioned by men at the grove. I cannot find the New York Post article written in 2004, however, there is much talk about it on the internet, where a gay porn star Chad Savage was a "valet" at the grove but many people think that was a cover. Lastly a quote from none other than Richard Nixon about the Bohemian Grove “The Bohemian Grove—which I attend, from time to time—it is the most faggy goddamned thing you could ever imagine, with that San Francisco crowd. I can’t shake hands with anybody from San Francisco.”

Alex Jones believes that these men get together that are not gay and engage in gay sex acts "to have something on each other" much like we saw with Epstein island or in other cults like the NXIVM cult with Alison Mack. Jones believed that the grove started out as a good gathering of guys going to the woods to drink and party, then skull and bones alumni took it over. Skull and Bones otherwise known as the Brotherhood of Death are a secret society at Yale University. George W. Bush was famously a member.

So what do you think? Is Bohemian grove just simply a silly goofy getaway where the elites of the world hold strange plays in front of 45-foot owls about human sacrifice? Or is it a place where presidents are decided and "hazed", and sacrifices are carried out to insure the success of power among the elite? Maybe a little bit of both?

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