Marshmallow: For the antibiotic resistant infections.

The marshmallow plant, while being the original marshmallow, it is also a very healing herb. The marshmallow plant can grow up to six feet in height. The leaves are large, velvety, and jagged, the flowers are small white, or pink, and have a purple stem, the stem is light green and round, and the roots are thick and long and yellowish-brown in color.

The marshmallow plant is indigenous to North Africa, Europe, and West Asia. The plant blooms in the summertime. Historically the plant was introduced by China and eaten in various soups. The root of the plant contains a sap that is thought to have many healing properties. To remove the sap from the roots steep the second-year roots in cold water for eight hours. The marshmallow root is thought to have amazing health benefits and healing properties. It is most notably thought to help with cough and wound healing.

Cough and cold

Have you ever heard marshmallows are good for a cold or sore throat? Well in the original recipe that may be true. A small study took place between January and March of 2004. In this study, 13 different general practitioners were recruited. These practitioners combined had 62 patients with a cough. for 12 days these patients were instructed to take a syrup comprised of dry ivy leaf extract, thyme, aniseed, and marshmallow root. There was one adverse reaction but it is unlikely to be caused by the treatment. In the final visit, all symptoms showed improvement compared to the baseline. (1) An in-depth examination was done on the marshmallow root and it was shown to have enzymes that not only break down mucus but also inhibit bacteria growth. (2)

Wound healing

A study done on rats in 2015 took various antibiotics like penicillin and marshmallow leaf extract. the study showed that the leaf extract worked better on gram-positive infections than the antibiotics. The leaf extract did not work on gram-negative infections. (3) Examples of gram-positive infections are MRSA, strep, and toxic shock. Gram-negative infections are pneumonia, UTI, and gonorrhea This article discusses how gram-positive infections are becoming antibiotic-resistant. (4)

How to make cough syrup out of marshmallow

*In a previous post I speak about the health benefits of honey

Because of the benefits of honey, I would suggest infusing honey with your herbs.

fill a quart jar halfway with dried marshmallow root, thyme, and any other herb you would like to use. Then pour in honey making sure all of the herbs are submerged in the honey. Turn over the jar every day and steep for 3-4 weeks. When it is done strain the honey and store it in a cool dry place. Use the herbs to make yourself a tea. I like this method because raw honey is the best but you can choose to infuse it that way. You will lose the raw honey benefits once it is heated.

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