My Five Tips for How I Find Quality Children's Clothes For Cheap at Thrift Stores

I don't know about you but saving money is something that is really important to me and my family, but I also have a little bit of a shopping addiction. Going to the store and buying clothes, especially those cute little baby onesies are so much fun.

However, I have noticed in recent years the quality of clothing and the price have gone in completely different directions. Clothing that I buy new is now only lasting me months instead of being handed down to the next daughter. We go out often and need good quality clothing that lasts playing in the mud or climbing up hills. The price has gone the other way as well. When I used to leave the store with bags full of clothing it seems like $100 is now only getting me a shopping bag full of things.

Aside from the cost, more and more has come out about how the workers are treated and paid that are making your clothing. If they are not outsourcing to poorly managed low-paying sweatshops they may be utilizing prisoners as slaves paying them cents for every hour to make products you are paying $40+ for.

There is an alternative. While not solving the problem it can help. Purchasing things from thrift stores. It will recycle the clothing instead of contributing to sweatshops and slavery.

Go often

My biggest advice is to go often. You want to go as often as possible because the nice things will go fast. Find out what day they restock and go then. This will get you the best deals.

Don't be loyal

Go to all thrift stores. I recommend everything except for the big two as they are incredibly overpriced. Go to different thrift stores often.

Buy it now

If you see something you like or something that will fit your kids in a year buy it now. It will not be there later.

Don't be discouraged

It took me a year to find a winter coat that I loved. Do not be discouraged. Keep looking. I have found everything I need at thrift stores, including cloth diapers.

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