My Successful V-BAC

With my second baby, Ramona, I had the longest labor. Granted I had no labor with my first. It was over 25 hours. My labor started with a spontaneous water bag rupture and almost ended in a c-section. I went on long walks with my mother-in-law to stores and around my neighborhood, hoping I could get the baby out. We got back from a particularly long walk and I laid down on the couch. As I was laying there exhausted, I felt a weird sensation in my belly. It was something I had never experienced before. It did not feel like a kick.

My mother-in-law was prepared as always brought puppy dog pads just in case. I asked her to bring one over and as soon as I stood up a gush of fluid came out. It was the weirdest thing I had ever experienced. There was so much. So much that I stayed at home for an hour, drove twenty minutes to the hospital, walked inside, went up three floors, and was still leaking when I got into a bed. At this point, I had never experienced contractions before. My first was an emergency c-section before I went into labor. Having had another baby now, I know I went from zero to one hundred really fast. The contractions after your water breaking are no joke. I called my mom and let her know so she could be on her way.

I was driven to the hospital because I felt like the baby was going to come any minute. (Looking back, I wish I waited) I got to the obed and was put into a bed and waited. I was given some pain medication and then taken to a room. I wanted so much to have a natural unmedicated birth. I was convinced by the nurses that my pain was at a ten and because it was a VBAC I might need an emergency c-section again so it's better to just get an epidural. I wish that I had denied it and was taught how to breathe. I felt cornered because of much pain I was in and how scared I was about being knocked out for surgery. The anesthesiologist came in and gave me the epidural. After that, I went to sleep.

I was repeatedly told by the nurse I needed Pitocin because I was not dilating. Pitocin is not safe for VBAC nor did I want it. I was offered Pitocin within an hour of getting to a room. Luckily I did not receive it.

I feel as though I was given way too much medication when given the epidural. I was not dilating at all. I felt really out of it. I was told that I would only be getting a partial dose to be able to dilate the way I needed to. The epidural slowed down my labor and made me feel really off.

After the nurses checked my cervix a million times and it was excruciating, the doctor on call told me that she was leaving and she hopes I can have a baby soon. It had been about twenty hours already.

Soon after she left I started dilating. Luckily I was able to get to a ten within the time limit they gave me. The doctor came in and told me to start pushing. I pushed for about ten to fifteen minutes before I finally had my baby.

This experience at the hospital was better than my last but there was so much I wish I could have done differently. My word of advice for anyone having a baby or a VBAC is to not let them scare you. The chances of your uterus rupturing are less than one percent. Labor at home as long as possible. Learn breathing techniques and have someone in charge of advocating for you. Once you get there you are in a foreign place with people you don't know putting a spotlight on you and shoving their fingers all over your cervix. It is not (at least for me) a good place to labor while feeling safe and comfortable.

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