Our Cloth Diaper Journey so far...

Updated: Feb 2

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When I was pregnant with my first, at nineteen, I really wanted to use cloth diapers. I was determined. I spent hours looking up the pros and cons and making my decision. But it did not go as planned. Financially I was not in the position to afford twenty-four diapers (At least) and I let the outside voices get to me. When I told people I wanted to use cloth, I was met with uncertainty rather than approval. I was told that I would never keep up with it, disposables are so much easier, it's so gross. 2 kids into cloth and the only thing I regret is listening to them.

My first child was in disposables for her entire first, almost, three years of life. So when my second was born I just went with it. I had given up hope and I still was not financially able to purchase what I thought I needed. We finally moved to a house with a washer and dryer but I felt that it was too far gone.

However one day as I was walking around the thrift store, I saw it. twelve pocket cloth diapers, inserts included, for $1 each! But I didn't buy them. My daughter was already two and I was not yet pregnant with my third so I repeated what I was told four years ago to myself. I told myself she's too old to start this now, you will never keep up with it, it's going to be a mess. I looked at them for a while but ultimately put them back.

I went back to that same thrift store a couple of weeks later and all of the diapers were still there. So I impulsively bought them all. I had absolutely no idea what I was doing. For about a week all we had was leaks. I felt like I made a horrible mistake but I eventually joined a Facebook group and figured out what I was doing wrong. I got the appropriate inserts and double stuffed at night. Slowly little by little I figured it out.

But then I made a grave error. I washed my diapers with fabric softener... If you cloth diaper then you know this is a HUGE no-no. I had to completely strip all of the diapers I thought they were ruined. I saved them but it took a while.

Now that I have my third we have been cloth diapering for about 3 weeks. I use a mixture of pockets and flats with covers. I like the convenience of the pocket diaper but the ease and less laundry of the flat is really nice. I am getting better every week. I have also noticed a huge impact on our lives because of starting cloth.

We have saved money. I have saved easily around $500 since starting. My children are getting way fewer rashes. My second was very sensitive and only a few brands would not cause her to break out in a rash. It has been a very positive change in our lives and I am excited to continue our journey!

Listed below are a few of the cloth diapers I own that you can purchase on Amazon.


Little joey all in one

Alva Nb

one size

Alva baby

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