The Curriculum We Chose As An Unschooling / Relaxed Homeschooling Family

Updated: Aug 27

This is our first year of homeschooling and we have decided to use a home school charter. A home school charter is a school you enroll your child in and provides you with money or "funds" to purchase curriculum and supplies. You get assigned a homeschool teacher that requires a couple of pages a month of work and will be there to answer any questions you have. That said, we are more of an unschooling family than a traditional homeschooling family. So I needed to find a curriculum that would meet the school's requirements and also keep the whimsical aspect of childhood alive.

I spent a really long time looking through curriculums. Months of searching the internet for a curriculum that I felt fit our needs. Days before school was set to start I found the curriculum I would be ordering it is called wonder garden. The website says "Think whimsical fairy meets Neuroscience. That's us. When children are deep in play, their hearts and emotions are in harmony or coherence." What really drew me to the curriculum was the nature-based aspect. I am able to do many of the activities outside while we are hiking, at the lake, or at the park.

This curriculum hits all of the subjects that need to be covered. I know when looking at different curriculums I did not want one where I would need to supplement. This curriculum touches on all the subjects and does each about 2 to three times a week. I think that this is much better than every day so the children can focus on different subjects each day.

An example of a science activity from the curriculum is we got a poster board and divided it into four separate sections and on each section, I wrote shape, color, size, and texture. Then we brainstormed different describing words that can go in each section. After I sent her on a scavenger hunt in the house to find one thing that can go with each described word. After that, we talked about how a big part of science is observation. Another activity is looking at the quality of numbers. It's a conversation you have with your child about what numbers mean in their lives. How many fingers do they have? How many siblings? This gets children thinking about numbers in a different way. An example used in the curriculum is thinking about how we have only one earth but billions of people live on it.

So far we are really enjoying this curriculum and my daughter has been really engaged in the activities. I like that most of the assignments are play-based and while there is some projects it is minimal.

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