What I Wish I Knew As A First Time Mom That I Know Now

Being a mom for the first time is an amazing experience. it also comes with its challenges and unknowns. The first night I was home alone was terrifying. I had this whole human I had to keep alive while I was Recovering from major abdominal surgery. I was scared but I was so happy.

There are so many things that I know now as a mom of three that I wish I had someone tell me when I was a new mom.

Take those pictures

I felt like no matter what taking pictures or doing special things with my baby was met with comments like “ it’s because she’s your first.” And “ you aren't gonna do that when you have more.” these are true but unnecessary. Becoming a mom for the first time is something to be cherished. buy the stuff you want now Go all out. Because you may not be able to do this with your other babies. it’s a precious time cherish it.

Your boundaries are important, don't let people take advantage of you

no matter how crazy other people think your rules are around your baby they need to follow them. It does not matter that they did differently with their children or they don’t agree. Your boundaries are there for a reason and people need to follow them. No one is entitled to your baby they need to be respectful.


babies are really scary. Especially those first few months home. Every little thing is worrisome. Relax. everything is going to be okay. I'm still working on this one. I'm not sure it ever goes away. But it’s easier to remind me now to just take a breath and relax.

Your body will never be the same and that's okay

your body will never be the same as it once was. Your body was never a portal to this world. your body was never an incubator and creator of life. your body was never a food source. Your body will never be the same as it once was it will forever be incubator creator of life, a portal into the universe, and that’s pretty cool.

You matter too

after you have a baby it seems that all your needs become second. I’m still guilty of this now but I try to remind myself every day that my needs matter and I matter. taking my mushrooms in my coffee is like taking my daily medicine and it helps me with mental clarity and being able to take care of my own needs as well.

Having a baby is a wonderful experience. take all the pictures you can do things that you look back on and think were ridiculous. Set your boundaries and don't let people cross them. You deserve to be respected. Relax and care for yourself. You are amazing, you are powerful cherish all of the firsts because they will never be firsts again.

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