What Your Body and The Forrest Underground Have In Common

Mushrooms are magic and I say that often. But it is true. they play such a huge part in our ecosystem and in our health. I think mushrooms are some of the most powerful natural medicines. they are also amazing at organizing to have in the forest and help connect plants and “clean up.” I see so many similarities between the way that mushrooms act in nature and in our bodies.

mushrooms are like the Wi-Fi of the forest. They help the trees communicate. The mycelium goes underground and connects The tree roots to other trees. (1) Recent studies have come out that trees can recognize their babies and they will send them extra carbon and move for them to help them grow. (2) This couldn’t be done without mushrooms.

they are so important to the life of the forest because not only do they connect plants to each other and help them communicate but they are also the clean-up crew. (3) Fungi will recognize a plant that is dying/diseased and grow on top of it to help it decompose and not let it spread the disease. There are even mushrooms that started growing near Chernobyl just so they could pull the radiation from the ground. (4)

mushrooms grow and thrive in the forest helping and connecting. What if I told you these mushrooms work in the same way in your body. They create connections in your brain and find disease and attack it before it can spread.

There are promising studies that psilocybin (the thing that makes magic mushrooms… magical) may actually cure depression. Psilocybin can immediately create long-lasting brain connections. This is a huge turning point in mental health research. Instead of throwing pharmaceutical pills at a person for the rest of their life with the side effects of “may cause thoughts of suicide” to treat their depression symptoms. This is what Roland Griffiths, Ph.D. had to say about the study "Compared to standard antidepressants, which must be taken for long stretches of time, psilocybin has the potential to enduringly relieve the symptoms of depression with one or two treatments." (5) We could literally cure depression with something that grows naturally... And you still wonder why they are illegal? Grows naturally, can cure something that needs lifelong treatment, with little to no negative side effects? Yea I can see why certain people do not want this readily available.

Similar to how the mushrooms act beneath the forest floor connecting tree roots and helping get signals and nutrients to the trees that need it, they also do that in our brains.

Rosehip neuron (Tamas Lab/University of Szeged) and a tree/roots

Does this look similar?

other studies of mushrooms have shown that they only seem to make a difference if The person is sick. Such As the person having high blood pressure. The mushrooms will help lower it but if it is normal blood pressure the mushrooms will pass by. Similar to how they act on the forest floor. if they sense an issue they take care of it other than that they just live.

Mushrooms are magic. I also have a post about the four mushrooms I microdose with daily and how it helps my mental health and well-being.

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